петак, 10. септембар 2010.

Friends and wonderful time spent with them

Dear friends, though it may be a little late, I just want to tell how amazing time I had with you here in Saitama. Whether it was partying or learning Japanese on our never-ending classes with never-ending homework, everything was fun and very special for me 'cause I knew it was for that time only. I loved our University's cafeteria, I loved the employees and the food they served us there, and all the professors and their peculiarities, all the Japanese people who loved us and the ones who ignored us, Koreans too (especially the ones who won't even say Hi to me), all the Kanjis and grammar, all my one-sided loves (I had them many) and a lot more! :D I'll be moving from Saitama next week with many happy memories. Thank you all for that!

Pictures I'm posting now are only the ones that are made in the last month because the last month was a good-bye month in my heart.

My happy face in cafeteria. :D

Rehearsal of the Shima uta in A class classroom.

Speech we had as a symbolic end of our Japanese classes, where many interesting stories could have been heard

My speech was about renewal of my old friendship during the hardships my country had in '99.

Interesting point of view from a lonely island. :)

I still think about the things Thai people believe in. :D I will definitely avoid wearing black in the future.

Part of my classmates and professors. Love them all!

Funny Japanese :))

I go sentimental when I look at this picture

At Tsukiya ramen!

First out of many goodbyes I had here in I-house. I miss you all!

In the merry month of August we've seen many fireworks and people dressed in yukata :)

Karaoke in Kitaurawa. We were happy and drunk. It was as if the night will never end and the partying will prevail.

Love hurts :D

The room. Everything starts in this room and it ends here. ;D

Very interesting

Roaming the Shinjuku ni chome neighbourhood

Lonely dog. His master is probably playing pachinko somewhere...

All the lovely mornings I had with my friends and acquaintances. New day is always so strange to me and people on streets who just woke up and started their day from the beginning.

Karaokeee :D

During the short break from karaoke I dared to try and see how the Japanese toilets work. :D It was a very pleasent experience.

One of the best karaoke nights I had. We sang songs like Love is a cake and Horse called war. We never heard these songs before but it was absolutely fantastic performance we gave.

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