петак, 10. септембар 2010.

A night in yukata and ♥ly fireworks

A kind friend came to us with her yukatas and dressed us all up and prepared us for the fireworks which are in Japan held quite often every year in August.

First she helped my friend

And then she helped me. Although you cannot see her well behind me here :D

It was a bit embarrassing for me to walk the streets in broad daylight like this. But as soon as we got to the fireworks grounds I felt "normal" again. :D

Posing time!

We just had to take our pictures everywhere. Friend explained to us that it is not normal to take pictures in the train, but since we are foreigners it was not normal being in yukata either :D

Fireworks! :)))

I love Japanese festivals not only because of the wonderful atmosphere and the authenticity of experiencing Japanese culture but also because of the food you can eat there, which is also of course the part of this culture. :) Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, yakiniku.... all very delicious! :D

A lot of people on the station returning to their homes. This part is not one of my favorite parts in this type of events.

Running into a friend on our way back home.

Taking a picture in konbini (convenience store) just because we can. :)

All in all, going to fireworks, wearing yukata, eating delicious festival food, chatting with your friends while the night sky is glowing in all the (exploding) colours of the hanabi is the perfect way to enjoy hot summer nights in Japan if you ask me. :)

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