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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Kyushu trip - Day five and six ★ Miyazaki and Kagoshima

I came to Miyazaki with two things in my mind: Miyazaki's sushi with lettuce and mayonnaise, and Science Center with the one of the biggest planetariums - 27m in diameter.

On the photo below is the Gemini capsule. I entered it! Almost broke something, but the stuff there said that it's OK since many people already broke some parts so it doesn't matter anymore. And it is not the real thing anyway. :D

Now this is not fair! It's only for kids but it looked like so much fun, honestly!

I played a game agains that ominous robot hand.

Planetarium was big indeed! Taking photos was not allowed but I was tempted so many times! Projected stars and artistic depiction of constellation were beautifully glowing! Then they played us a a weepy movie (or is it more like a documentary) about one satellite that got lost somewhere in space. Of course I was in tears by the end of it. :))

Entry of the Museum with a view of Planetarium :)

Thing that amused me is that Miyazaki station gives an impression of an amusement park!

I stayed at Toyoko Inn, which was twice the price than I usually paid for a night in a hotel on this trip. But it was worth it! I had a room all for myself, with a huge comty bed, TV, bathroom! I love big windows and I liked someones crazy decision to put bed right next to window. It it was open I would definitely fall from the bed on the sixth floor to the ground... floor.

To the left is Miyazaki style sushi! It was delicious! I loved it!
Next day I traveled with local train to Kagoshima. On the way there I had a beautiful scenery, Kagoshima Bay with the dominating Sakurajima volcano. One of the most active volcanoes they say. It was luckily active when I was there, emitting smoke. Here is the photo from the ferry. On this photo is Kagoshima which I was leaving behind on my way to Sakurajima.

Sakurajima ahead of me. I couldn't get nice picture because the wind was so strong so I had to hold my skirt :D

I stayed at local youth hostel, a huge building with a handful of people who are running the place (I think, I am not sure, but there were maybe only a mother and a son). A bit scary, but I loved it! I felt like in some horror movie in this huge empty building on the small island which is actually an active volcano. I was afraid of volcano erupting but the real danger was actually dangerously closer. :D

South peak of the volcano is the active one as one can probably see from the photo below.

In Kagoshima there is a nice Kagoshima Aquarium. I was full of serenity watching the big fishes swimming in circles. It is a bit said though. But so much blue and such a beautiful creatures made me wish I was a fish! Or mermaid! :))))
These guys bellow are just funny!

I could have spent hours and hours in this particular room!

Wandering the streets of Kagoshima I ended up in one of the best pubs ever! It is called Heaven Hill. I will never forget that evening! People were so hospitable, so caring and kind-hearted! I felt that I was among friends and it meant a lot to me on this solitary journey. Man to the left is the owner, Kochan, he and his guests which are more like a big family made my whole trip to Kyushu so worthy and precious!

Saying farewell to misty volcano in the morning! Sakurajima (ex)island has beautiful nature, everything was green, rich and thick!

Next morning I went with Shinkansen for the second time in Kyushu. It was FAST! Really fast! It took me around half an hour from Kagoshima to Kumamoto. But to cross half of this distance took me around 3 hours with local train! And it's not like Serbian local trains, when I ask myself sometimes would've it been faster if I walked then taking the train, it is super speedy for Serbian trains. So Shinkansen was equal to science fiction for me. :D Plus it looks futuristic! For me, big fan of science fiction, it was perfect!

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