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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Kyushu trip - Day one ★ Fukuoka

First day on Kyushu I spent in Fukuoka walking and wandering around in this sunny city with a big needle-like tower and sand beaches. The best thing about Fukuoka for me was being able to walk barefooted and enjoy the warmth of the sand on my feet. :D Though there is some things that are considered to be more important in this city like for instance Robosquare! It was small but interesting place. Plus there was no entrance fee. Hiiihii

AIBO (Artificial Inteligence RoBOt)

And we certainly don't want to disturb him.

PARO - the therapeutic robot

Fukuoka tower - sticks out in the cityscape

Fukuoka tower from inside

On the beach near the tower there is this artificial peninsula (or island?) where the weddings are held. Very romantic and I imagine very expensive.

Nirvana... :D

I was walking around losing my way and not caring about it because the city is not that big so you can't really get lost. :) Besides, there are mountains around the city and the sea to the north, so one can always know how to orientate.

Planes were constantly flying from and landing to the Fukuoka airport. It was as if it was the busiest airport in the world.

In the center of the city there is a beautiful park with a big lake in it. People fed the fishes, ducks, tortoises and pigeons! :))

Near the park are ruins of Fukuoka castle.

I'm not sure about this sign....:)
As I read, in Fukuoka there are streets with the stalls and you must not miss to eat there. I sat there, ordered food and people next to me started talking with me and buying me beer! People in Kyushu were much more open-hearted and kind, so on this 9 days trip around Kyushu I felt perfectly safe, welcomed and had a great time with the locals. I love Kyushu! :)))

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