среда, 27. октобар 2010.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Kyushu trip - Day seven ★ Kumamoto

I arrived in Kumamoto on a nice rainy morning! Since weather was so beautiful since I came to Kyushu I really didn't mind that rainy day. Which by the way gave a certain look to the castle and it's surroundings that made me feel like I traveled back in time, at least one century ago... during the Satsuma rebellion.

Below is the monument of Kato Kiyomasa who in 1588 expanded the Kumamoto castle.

Having lots of experience in battles he used the knowledge he gained from it and made an impregnable castle.

I really liked the feeling that everything was in its own place, every corner and every staircase.

The castle was besieged in 1877 during the Satsuma rebellion for almost two months! During this time castle proved to be one of the Japan's strongest castles.

Huge kitchen were meals were served to great number of men.

Graphic explanation of how they could effectively defend the castle from inside. I love their faces XD

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Suizenji park. But at least I was staying at the best place ever, called Nakashimaya.

Living room.

My room with tatami floor and futon. And tiny, sweet genkan.

Hallway in front of our rooms. I stayed in 冬 room. First 4 rooms are called buy 4 seasons. :)


Fight for tanuki's rights! :D

Next day I was ready to go to my last destination in Kyushu... I was already a bit tired from traveling every day to a different place and I almost wished to go back to Tokyo. But my next destination was the place I wanted to see the most - Nagasaki!

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